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  Be a part of this global movement. We’d love to meet you! There are several ways to get connected and grow through this ministry.  

WHO ARE You Really?

Who you identify yourself as can make all the difference in the way you experience life. At NDM we invite you to learn the truth about what God says regarding your life. 

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WEEKLY Services

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Tue: 6:00 AM EST
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Sat: 10:00 AM, 6:00 PM EST
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*ReGeneD Life is the open door into our discipling community that is designed to help you connect with and fulfill the purpose God has destined for your life.

The ReGeneD Life discipling class, held monthly, will help you:
– Discover the truth about God’s purpose for your life.
– Understand how God has already ReGeneD you.
– Grow the life and faith of Jesus within you.
– Use your gifts to serve the body of Christ and the world.

*ReGeneD Life is an abbreviated expression for God’s Regenerated Image or ReCreated Life in Jesus Christ.