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Ruthven Roy - August 22, 2020

Beware of I.D. Corruption

Beware of I.D. Corruption

There is a lot of corruption being perpetrated within the body of Christ, of which most believers are unaware. This message is the first in a series to highlights the major problems caused by a complete misunderstanding of a believer's true identity in Christ.

Scripture References: Matthew 7:21-23

From Series: "Beware of I.D. Corruption"

The purpose of this series is to focus the believer's attention on the critical importance of understanding and living from his true identity in Christ. Most believers live from a compromised, corrupt identity that undermines their best efforts to live victoriously over all the adverse elements of this world. Identity creates our reality; reality influences our functionality; and functionality determines the quality of our life's experience. This is a positive, life-changing series.

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